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Forsa's Passphrase feature is a way to increase asset security by creating a unique hidden wallet. This helps protect your account from unauthorized access.

Password Basics

  • Password phrases function like extra words added to the recovery booster list
  • Grant access to your standard wallet using only your recovery booster
  • Each unique combination of "Recovery phrases + Password" grants access to the corresponding unique hidden wallet
  • You must remember your password because it will never be stored on your Forsa device! If you forget your password, you will not be able to use the associated funds

Use the password phrase only when you understand how it works. Funds protected by it cannot be recovered without a code phrase!

Important features of cryptographic phrases

  • The password phrase is not stored anywhere on the device.
  • It is only used temporarily while you type.
  • Passwords implemented in Forsa devices can be any character or character set, word, or sentence of up to 50 bytes (~50 ASCII characters).
  • Characters from the Extended ASCII character set cannot be entered using the Forsa device itself. If you create password phrases that include characters from the Extended ASCII character set - i.e., decimal 128 (€) through 255 (ÿ) - these can only be entered when using the Forsa App on a trusted computer.
  • In addition, these characters may not render correctly on the Forsa display.
  • Passwords are case-sensitive. Distinguish between lowercase and uppercase characters and treat them as distinct.
  • Spaces (blanks) are valid characters.
  • The password phrase and the recovery phrases belong together. Neither can be used separately if you send coins to a password-protected hidden wallet.
Passwords cannot be cracked because they are not stored on the device
Each password creates a new hidden wallet, so be sure to check that you have entered your password correctly
Strong passwords mean your coins are (extra) safe


How does it work?

As part of the initialization process, your Forsa device generates a random number that is converted to a recovery mnemonic and stored in memory. Your Forsa device uses this string of standard English words to generate your private key, which acts as a "master access key" to unlock access to your Bitcoin funds.

By using a Passphrase, you are actually adding an extra word to the seed phrase, creating a whole new "hidden wallet".

In fact, you can generate as many password-protected hidden wallets as you need, but you must be extremely careful not to lose any passwords. Remember, if you lose your password, you won't be able to access any of the funds stored in the hidden wallet!

Essentially, whenever the Forsa device is used, it derives a cryptocurrency wallet using the following (extremely simplified) formula.

Recover mnemonic + password = Hide wallet

This can be summarized using the following schematic diagram.


In this schematic, wallet "A" corresponds to the standard wallet, while "wallet B" and "wallet C" correspond to two unique password-protected hidden wallets.

The password phrase is used to create unique hidden wallets and control access to them without the need for a second hardware wallet or recovery mnemonic.This means that your funds are safe even if your recovery phrases is compromised.


Select password phrase

Although your recovery booster is randomly generated, you can choose your own password phrases.

  • It can be any memorable word/phrase/sentence, up to 50 bytes (about 50 ASCII characters)
  • It is case-sensitive, i.e. "Hello World" is different from "Hello world"
  • Spaces are valid characters - every character counts
  • Empty password is the same as "seed only" access to your standard wallet


To access the hidden wallet, you must enter a 100% accurate password
If you enter anything else, a completely new hidden wallet will be created
If you forget your password, your hidden wallet will not be recovered


Disable/re-enable the password function

By default the Passphrase feature is turned off. You will only be able to view your hidden wallet if you reconnect the Forsa App after turning on Passphrase on your device.


Password FAQ

I've lost my Forsa! Can I recover my password-protected wallet?
First, there's no need to panic. You can use a second Forsa device to recover an existing account using a recovery booster.

You can immediately enable the password phrase feature and once your recovery booster is loaded on your device, simply enter the exact same password phrase you created for your hidden wallet.

What are the benefits of using the password feature?
Passwords protect your Recovery Phrase and are not stored anywhere, which means if someone breaks your Recovery Phrase, they won't be able to access your account - unless they also know each password.

You can create as many new passwords and associated wallets as you like. This means you can reallocate balances for added security, or just to help you organize your account.

What are the risks of using the password phrase feature?
Please take all necessary precautions to save your passwords for future reference

If you forget your password, you will not be able to access any of the funds involved!
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