Did You Know?

For each of the supported cryptocurrencies, the Forsa App allows you to manage multiple accounts.This feature allows for easier balance tracking and management of your cryptocurrency identity.


To enhance the privacy of your transactions, you can use multiple accounts, setting each account to a specific purpose.

Each account has its own unique Extended Public Key (XPUB). Knowing XPUB allows you to view all transactions to and from the account, so using more accounts can protect this sensitive information.

Create a new account

Creating a new account is easy. While in the Forsa App, press the plus sign next toMy Accountto add a new account, and it will be created and appear in the list. You are now ready to use your new account.



To send funds between your accounts, send a transaction from one account using the receiving address of another account.

In the Send screen, select the contact.


Next, select My Wallet and you can easily send assets between your accounts.


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